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Pynchon's New Worlds

International Pynchon Week 2017

La Rochelle, June 5-9, 2017


Erica Tasch
Minneapolis Northeast Middle School (United States)

I have worked as a sandwich artist, dishwasher, museum greeter, bookseller, cat shelter maintenance person, editorial assistant, and university writing tutor. Currently, I have two jobs: grocery store cashier and middle school writing tutor. I first read Pynchon (the opening 100 or so pages of Gravity's Rainbow) while on a field trip to the Cook County prison. I live in Cedar-Riverside, Minneapolis.

This presentation is part of the panel REAPPROPRIATING THE NEW WORLD with Kostas Kaltsas | Prerita Sen | Erica Tasch and scheduled in the Auditorium - Médiathèque: Friday 9 June, from 10:45 to 12:15, chaired by Sergei Macura.